Enjoy Every Moment

The nation is on the verge of reopening the economy, and parents are anxiously waiting for the moment when childcare centers are able to reopen as parents return to work.

Mixed feelings and emotions are surfacing for parents. Some mothers have enjoyed spending these days with their kids, homeschooling them, constantly feeding them, and enjoying those special moments to reconnect and bond. On the other hand, some parents have had a continual hustling and bustling of life as an essential worker, and instead of life slowing down, it has actually done the reverse.

Regardless, of what side you fall on, what I have realized in this time of the pandemic is the importance of our loved ones. Each moment that we have with each other should be cherished and appreciated. It’s time for all of us to humble ourselves and let all the petty mellow drama in our lives fade away, and remember what is truly important. The gift of life.