SCDB is a Member of the National Diaper Bank Network

This week’s big news is that Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank is officially a member of the National Diaper Bank Network. The NDBN is leading a national movement to safeguard one of the most basic needs of all babies and their families: access to clean, dry diapers. Fair access to clean diapers improves the physical, mental and economic well-being of babies, families, and communities. National Diaper Bank Network connects and supports the county’s more than 240 community-based diaper banks that collect, store and distribute free diapers to struggling families (now including Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank!!). In 2014, the network distributed nearly 35 million free diapers, including 20 million donated by NDBN founding sponsor Huggies®, to more than 1 million children throughout the country.

We are thrilled to be able to start adding to that 35 million diapers number. The NDBN has so many resources online for how to start a diaper bank–it is absolutely one of the key reasons Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank exists today. The staff is incredibly responsive and supportive, and their Diaper Bank Leaders online group has been a tremendous network of encouragement, ideas and information. We weren’t able to attend their annual conference this year, but can’t wait to make it to next year’s for a few days of learning and socializing with other members of the National Diaper Bank Network .

One of the most exciting aspects of being a member of the NDBN is the ability to purchase diapers at only available through this partnership. This means your tax-deductible financial donations to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank will go further than ever before! We will always love and welcome your diaper drives in support of Sweet Cheeks, but it’s really exciting to be able to offer those who want to give financially a way to make a HUGE impact on Cincinnati.