Sponsor Spotlight: Performance Lexus

Performance Lexus

It’s no secret that Sweet Cheeks wouldn’t exist without the support of our incredible Greater Cincinnati community. Today we’d like to tell you a little more about our annual sponsor Performance Lexus. From our very first meeting it has been clear that the folks at Lexus care as much about keeping the babies in our community healthy, happy and safe just as much as we do. Dan Kommeth, General Manager of the Kings Auto Mall location, said “Performance Lexus exists not only to sell and service automobiles, but to also be part of the community at large. We are successful because our employees and our organization give back to those that need our help in the Cincinnati area.”

And it’s not only local dealers who are getting into the giving spirit. Once local dealers decide which children’s charities to donate to, Lexus matches the donation through their Pursuit of Potential program (which has donated over 2.5 million so far!). “When the ‘diaper gap’ was brought to our attention, it seemed like the perfect fit for some of our charitable efforts,” Kommeth said. “Lexus is passionate about children’s charities. They want the local dealers to find the most impactful ways we can help the next generation in our communities. Sweet Cheeks is instrumental in making sure children get off to the healthiest start possible and we know our contributions are having a huge positive effect on these children’s lives.” Lexus’ support is ensuring that we can get an entire month’s worth of diapers out the door, as well as put on our 2nd Annual Diaper Dash at the end of the summer.

Here at Sweet Cheeks we are grateful for the opportunity to serve others in our community, and it’s very special when we find another company that preaches gratitude. “One continual theme in our internal meetings is gratitude,” Kommeth said. “When we approach each day with the feeling of ‘I get to (insert task or job)’ instead of ‘I have to,’ we feel we are better prepared to serve our guests’ needs. That translates into a better guest experience and makes our business more successful. When we are more financially blessed, we are able to contribute more back to the community and the whole cycle begins over again.”

Lexus, we are so happy we GET TO partner with you to end diaper need in our community!