Staff Spotlight: Morgan

We are so pleased to welcome Morgan as our brand new Community Engagement Coordinator. She joined us just a couple days before the COVID madness began, and has jumped in to be flexible and help with whatever needs to be done. She is in charge of all our volunteer coordination so you’ll be seeing her a lot around the warehouse very soon! She’s also taken over all our social media channels–which is why you may have noticed everything looks so great!! 🙂

Morgan Whaley

Morgan is a wife and mother of three girls and is deeply invested in serving others. She is a woman of God and her faith fuels her passion to serve and love others. Morgan graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Communication degree and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration on social justice.  Morgan’s heart is to advocate for underserved and overlooked communities and she aims to show others what it means to love through her work with Sweet Cheeks. Morgan says, “I am so humbled to be a part of the Sweet Cheeks family. The work that Megan has started is a true blessing to the Cincinnati area. I am excited to use my talents and skills to support such a phenomenal organization and engage people across all industries to show the diaper need in our communities.” Read on for a little Q&A with Morgan!

Why are you excited to be a part of the Sweet Cheeks Team?   
I am excited to be a part of Sweet Cheeks because it is not often you get to see how an organization grows and expands services. I know that Sweet Cheeks will be around for years to come, and I want to be a part of this ground-breaking movement in our community.

Tell us about your kid(s):  I have a 13 year old stepdaughter Saniya, who loves to sing and dance. Madison is 2 and loves to talk and play outside when she can. I am also expecting another girl late July 2020.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  I would travel back to Kakamega, Kenya. It was there that I took my first mission trip in 2018 and I truly fell in love with the people I met. I was a part of a team that helped build wells for schools and orphanages and seeing a different way of life was humbling and inspiring.

What are you reading right now? 
I am a Bible scholar, and currently studying the women of the Bible, so most of my reading comes from other articles and books that help in my studies.

If you had one extra hour of free time a day, how would you use it? 
I would use my extra hour to pamper myself. It is so important to take care of yourself from the inside out. I would definitely do something that takes care of my mind and body. 

If there were a holiday in your honor what would it celebrate? 
Any Holiday in my honor would have to celebrate the life of Jesus through acts of service to others. 

The whole Sweet Cheeks staff at our February Mardi Gras Party!

You can reach her at [email protected]