Usborne Books Fundraiser

Usbourne books fundraiserJoin Sweet Cheeks for a live, interactive Usborne Books Facebook party beginning Tuesday, June 7th at 9:00pm! Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll forward you the invite. Never heard of Usborne?  They publish awesome kids’ books that are truly unique (not just marketing mumble jumble here – these books are AMAZING!!).  It’s a half hour where you can learn about the books and there will be prize giveaways, too.

Not available at this time? No worries – shop the online catalog of books until midnight on Friday June 10th! –  50% of all sales from this party are going to go back to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank–just make sure you order through that specific site!  

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Usborne books, as selected by Sweet Cheeks moms (in no particular order!)

  1. That’s Not My Puppy…

…or pick your noun!  There are a ton of cute books in this series (and this is the only Usborne book that we’ve seen sold in actual stores!). So whether your child likes puppies or pirates or trucks or mermaids or kittens or bunnies – there is an option for them in this fun touch and feel series.

  1. All Better!

This is favorite! It allows small children to help make their animal friends feel better (with reusable and re-positionable stickers). These are the real deal too – the heavy duty stickers truly do last forever (even with pet fur stuck to them!)

  1. Shine-A-Light: On the Construction Site

This book series is like magic to our little ones – they simply shine a flashlight on the page and they can see the “inside” of things.  Just like the “That’s not my…”, this is also a series so a topic can be picked that your child is more interested in if dump trucks don’t do it for them.

  1. There’s a Mouse About the House!

This interactive book “tricks” kids into practicing their fine motor skills – by tracing the path a pesky little mouse takes throughout the book (with an actual mouse!)  Also – I am sure NO one has trouble with their kids having patience…but this books will help with that – you can’t turn the pages too quickly or skip them or else that pesky little mouse won’t be there!

  1. Wind-up Bus

This book has ACTUAL train tracks that go along with the story, and a wind up bus! The tracks can even be removed to create a large track to use for other play.

  1. Ted and Friends

Have a little one thats starting to learn to read?  BUY THIS. Enough said.

  1. Wipe Clean Alphabet and Numbers

There are a ton of books out there that are dry-erased based, but this by far beats any other we have seen.  The marker erases easily with a dry paper towel, and doesn’t leave ANYTHING behind!

  1. Hush-a-Bye Owl

Love this for all the babies out there!  It is touch and feel, but also looks like a toy.

  1. Pop-up Jungle

You haven’t seen a pop-up book until you see an Usborne pop-up book. Trust us.

  1. Muddle and Match book series

Split pages allow kids to create their own version of the story!  Such a fun way to let their imaginations run wild.