We Need Diaper Drop-Off Locations

Hi friends–we need your help! We have people all over Cincinnati who want to donate diapers to us, and we want to make that as easy as possible.

The problem? My house isn’t exactly convenient to everyone.
The solution? Drop-off locations around the city.

How Does This Work?
It’s easy! We are looking for businesses, libraries, stores, daycares, play cafes, etc. all over the Greater Cincinnati area that would be willing to display one of our diaper drop-off bins (pictured below) at their location. People will drop off their open or new packages of diapers at a location that is convenient to them.

When Will You Get The Diapers?
We’ll pick up the diapers whenever you need us to, or whenever we’re ready to wrap diapers for the month—whichever comes first.

How Will People Know To Bring Them to Me?
We’ll post your location’s name (and a link to your website) on our website.

What Else Would I Need to Do? 
The only thing we ask is that you have the bin in a location that you are able to verify is secure–we want to make sure every diaper that is donated is getting to the families who need them.

Ready To Get Started?
We’re happy to have you as part of the team. Contact Amy Boldt ([email protected]) to get set up with a drop-off bin!

Lovely ladies at Bucketheads with a donation bin
The lovely ladies at Bucketheads with a happy hour diaper donation bin. Bins are white, discrete and compact!