Our First Donation

First diaper donation

While the focus of this weekend for many people is giving away candy and treats, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank was focused on giving away diapers. Our very first donation went to Welcome House in Northern Kentucky. This wonderful organization has been helping to end homelessness in our community since 1982. While they are coordinating a range of services with their clients to help them move into stable housing, diapers are very often one of the resources their littlest clients need the most. For many families, a supply of diapers can be the difference between being able to eat and going hungry, or being able to consistently pay rent versus an eviction notice. Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank’s donation of 2,000 diapers will provide some relief for Welcome House families in crisis. And the really exciting thing is that we provide exactly the size diapers that are needed for each child. Can you imagine having to wear clothes that are several sizes too small every day? We make sure that children have the correct size diapers so that in addition to being dry and healthy, they can be as comfortable as possible too.

Diaper donations like the one we made to Welcome House are possible because of YOUR generosity. Please take a moment to click here and make a tax-deductible donation to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank today so we can continue to change the bottom line for families in need.