Staff Spotlight: Sarah Riffel

We have recently added not one, but TWO amazing new team members. We’re so excited to welcome Sarah to the team. She’ll be coordinating all our partner agencies, as well as developing strategy around which parts of our service area need more agencies so we can reach more children. She is super smart, has a passion for helping others (especially kids!) and is going to be a key asset for our team.

Name: Sarah RiffelSarah Riffel

Day Job: Stay at home mommy (Worked for Cincinnati Children’s hospital for the past 4 years as a Molecular Genetics technologist in the Heart Institute)

Sweet Cheeks Title: Partner Agency Coordinator

Why are you excited to be a part of the Sweet Cheeks Team? Having a baby changes your life in so  many ways.  I immediately felt a pull to help other mothers who may be struggling to take care of their innocent babies.  Being a part of the Sweet Cheeks team will give me the opportunity to help babies in the Cincinnati area stay safe and healthy, while also meeting like minded people along the way.

Tell us about your kid(s): I have a 15 month old son, Quinn.  He is a sweet, goofy ball of energy with white-blonde hair.  He loves music, reading books and singing E-I-E-I-O in his crib as soon as he wakes up in the morning.  

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  I have been wanting to go to India for most of my adult life.  I believe that traveling is the best way to relate to others and learn about the world outside of Cincinnati.  India is full of life, gorgeous colors, amazing history and the birthplace of yoga.  

What are you reading right now? The Memory of Earth by Orson Scott Card

If you had one extra hour of free time a day, how would you use it? Something creative like sewing, painting or yoga

If there were a holiday in your honor what would it celebrate? Be kind whenever it is an option.