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National Volunteer Week 2020

National Volunteer Week means something different this year. Volunteering for your favorite nonprofit or organization is more important now than ever. There have been many nonprofits that have had to close their doors amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Some organizations closed because of finances, while others closed due to the lack of support and involvement from staff and volunteers. According to the latest volunteer data from NonProfit Source, “People aged 35-44 and 45-54 are most likely to volunteer (28.9% and 28% respectively) while 20-24 year olds¬†have the lowest rates (18.4%).” We see here that older generations of our nation’s volunteers are the majority.

Currently, many older volunteers have elected to discontinue their volunteer services, and understandably so, due to being a part of a more vulnerable community for Coronovirus cases.

Volunteering is more important now than ever. It is time for younger generations to take the lead on volunteerism in our communities. Sometimes in the midst of crisis there is beauty that arises beneath the surface. We have seen communities growing stronger, and the rhetoric that surrounds the atmosphere is one of hope and faith in this country’s future.

We celebrate our volunteers not just this week but each day. Everyday people are risking their own health in service to others and their communities. It is an honor and privilege to serve during this time of “war”, and what a blessing it is to see the hearts of people coming forward and coming together to serve those who need us the most.

Thank YOU for changing the bottom line for families in need through your past, present, and future volunteering at Sweet Cheeks!