Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank is proud of the impact we’ve had on the Greater Cincinnati area in a few short years. More babies are happy, healthy, and safe because they have clean diapers. More caregivers have been relieved of the stress that comes from not knowing where their baby’s next clean diaper will come from. We are helping to strengthen the amazing partner agencies we work with by giving them an incentive, diapers, that keeps families plugged into social services that can change their lives.

how our diapers have impacted the community

Quotes from Grateful Clients:

These diapers are the only reason I can take my child to daycare tomorrow and go to work. So grateful.

Cradle Cincinnati Client, 2018

Sweet Cheeks is a big help. Can’t say thanks enough. The people giving the diapers I’ve met are always pleasant and never make you feel bad for your situation. You can talk to them about your children and yourself.

The diapers helped when I needed them the most. It also gave me people I could trust and talk to if I had any questions about my children. I don’t know what I would do without them.

I am a high school student so everything helps. I am just doing the best I can do.