Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank is incorporated in the State of Ohio with a 501(c)(3) designation. Founded by native Cincinnatian Megan Fischer, the idea of SCDB began when Megan was pregnant with her second child in 2014. Megan learned that diapers were not covered by any social services programs, and that parents might use one diaper for days at a time, scrape out and reuse disposable diapers, or use items such as a plastic bag, when unable to purchase enough diapers for their child. As a parent, Megan could not imagine what it would feel like to not be able to provide such a basic necessity for your child. Unable to find a local diaper bank where she could donate her time, Megan began to envision creating an organization to ensure that every baby in the city she loves had enough clean diapers. With support from her family and friends, Cincinnati’s only diaper bank became a reality in 2015 and it has been rapidly growing ever since. SCDB now distributes over 2 million diapers a year.

A Special thank you

Forming Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank was a wild ride and we have so many people to thank for it! 

National Diaper Bank Network – We are proud and grateful to be members of the National Diaper Bank Network. Their information on how to start a diaper bank are what first sparked the idea that Cincinnati could have one too. The resources, support, knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragement every single staff member offers us is invaluable.

HappyBottoms – When we won our first tiny grant we bought a plane ticket to Kansas City and spent a whirlwind 36 hours learning from this successful organization just exactly what starting a diaper bank meant. We were able to hit the ground running because this incredible diaper bank shared so many of their best practices, documents, and wisdom with us. We are forever grateful to our first diaper bank friends and mentors!

Junior League of Cincinnati – We are so grateful for the support of JLC. After being picked as their nonprofit partner from June 2018-June 2020, they have thrown their financial and people support behind growing capacity for our organization. From planning events to leading diaper-wrapping groups to completing admin work in the warehouse, to helping launch our period supply program, these amazing women have helped us grow faster than we could have ever imagined.

Framily You know when you have friends that are so amazing you consider them family? That’s called Framily, and Sweet Cheeks was lucky to have so many people in that category in its early days. Many folks stepped up to offer their support, encouragement, time, talent, and treasure when we were just a speck in our founder’s eye. We are particularly indebted to the following generous souls for launching us to where we are today: Mike Schell, Andrea Meyer, Gretchen Swann, Jamie Bryson, Andree Schell, Claire Ballinger, Amy Boldt, Ann Loch, and Sarah Riffel.