*Please note that due to the high demand for diapers, we have a wait list of agencies and cannot activate all partner agencies as soon as applications are approved. We will keep all agencies on file and activate them into our diaper distribution program as soon as resources allow.




Agency Information

Please fill out the information below to apply to be a Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank partner agency.

(Please note that after you complete your application you will be required to email Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank a copy of one of the following documents as proof of your agency status: 501c3 letter; Letter of good standing from denominational headquarters; Government letterhead.)

Description of Program Using Diapers

Population Served

Ethnic composition of those served

Poverty information of those served

Current Diaper Needs

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank uses child-based distribution for providing diapers to partner agencies. This requires that the agency will ensure a Client Application form is completed on each child by the parent or guardian. A copy of the signed form must be given to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank. The data from this application will be entered into the Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank online agency portal database for each client serviced by your agency. All information will be kept in a secure manner and not released to any external organization other than in aggregate for grant writing and audit purposes. To estimate your organization’s diaper needs please complete the following table for your current clients. Upon approval of your application, we will review your needs including future projections to ensure we will be able to supply your agency.

Please complete the table below for the number of children your agency serves on a monthly basis. Write in the number of children for each diaper size needed – each child will receive a maximum number of diapers and/or pull-ups per child as set by Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank with your agency.

Distribution Alteration

The average quantity for distribution is 50 diapers or 30 pull ups per child. The standard for your agency will be set during Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank's agency approval process. If you need less than 50 diapers or less than 30 pull ups per child each month, please complete statement below.


Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank and the recipient agency agree that this agreement and any other agreements, records, or other documents utilized between the parties may be signed electronically in accordance with applicable law.